My name is Etienne Rosas and I was born in Brownsville, TX, but raised half of my life in Monterrey, Mexico, so I’ve had a fairly complete Mexican-American upbringing. I have a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis and most of my work in policy has tended towards border issues, radicalization, and other global security topics, among others. I’m also a musician, and I sing and play guitar for the rock band, The Revies.

I created this blog to post think pieces or works in progress that haven’t really found an audience or specific purpose. Mostly, it’s just to share and expound on ideas that have circled in my mind for a while, like a long-form Twitter. I would describe myself as a fairly passionate Democratic Socialist, but I try to approach most issues using complex-systems thinking and, if you’re at all familiar with my many Facebook arguments, you would know that I enjoy debating and contrasting all types of viewpoints. If nothing else, I find it helps me dig into my own opinions and biases (and they may even inspire you to write a blog!). I’d also like to use this space to write about several other interests, such as music, philosophy, TV/movies, futbol, travel, personal growth (not necessarily in that order).

Why “mindshot”? Mostly because I liked the sound it, but it’s also a pun on the word “moonshot”, which is commonly used to describe a lofty goal pursued through out-of-the-box ideas. Now, writing a blog is not exactly very ambitious, but for me, it’ll at least be a venture into my own thinking with no specific agenda or constraints. You’re obviously welcome to read along and chime in.